Windows XP Vulnerability Will Not Be Patched By Microsoft

So it appears the first major bug to hit since Microsoft ended support for Windows XP is here. PC World reported that hackers have discovered a Windows XP vulnerability that can put users of Windows XP at risk. It has been only three weeks since Microsoft ended support for the mature operating system.Windows XP

Many users are reluctant to make the change to a newer operating system and are now at risk of this new drive by infection. The bug affects Internet Explorer versions 6-11 and Windows XP runs versions 6-8 but there will be no patch from Microsoft for Windows XP. Windows Vista and above will receive security patches but if you are still running XP, you’re effectively on your own.

External Portable Hard Drives To Back Up Your Data

Protect Your Data With A External Portable Hard Drive

external usb hard drive

When did you last back up your data? Getting a external portable hard drive may just save you a lot of trouble. Virtually everyone is creating data, masses of data. Do you know how much data you have on your computer hard drive? I’m guessing the answer is no. Think about it, you probably have a music library in itunes, you may well have DVD’s copied to your hard drive for easy viewing and who hasn’t got folders full of digital images.

If you have a camcorder or are filming with your smartphone, you are generating large amounts of data that needs to be safely stored. Online back up services are an option but many people prefer to keep their own back up at home.

These alone can take up many gigabytes of space on your hard drive. There are a few things you should consider where your data is concerned. First, it is gobbling up the free space on your drive and will eventually fill it up completely. If you fill a computer hard drive to bursting, it will have an effect on your computer performance. This lack of space can slow down your computer very considerably.

The New PC Guardians Site is Live

It was well overdue. In Internet years the old PC Guardians site was a veteran, in fact positively antiquarian. I produced the site myself using a very basic knowledge of HTML acquired by means of a course at Macclesfield College. It took weeks of my time to produce. It was my first website and it has served me well. The information within the site became outdated as technology accelerated away at warp speed (once a geek, always a geek).Computer repairs Macclesfield

I have tried to give a clear indication of the services I offer and how I can help you with computer problems in the immediate local area. If you need me for computer repair in Macclesfield, I’m only a phone call or email away. I am diversifying my services and now offer a complete web hosting service and I’m very pleased to offer a WordPress install service with WordPress training available if needed. Keep checking back for new posts occasionally as I’m sure to have things to share with you.

I am also hoping to introduce tutorial videos via Youtube  to help with tasks that some find a little daunting or even mystifying. Coming soon to a screen near you.

Thanks for reading.


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