Windows XP Vulnerability Will Not Be Patched By Microsoft

So it appears the first major bug to hit since Microsoft ended support for Windows XP is here. PC World reported that hackers have discovered a Windows XP vulnerability that can put users of Windows XP at risk. It has been only three weeks since Microsoft ended support for the mature operating system.Windows XP

Many users are reluctant to make the change to a newer operating system and are now at risk of this new drive by infection. The bug affects Internet Explorer versions 6-11 and Windows XP runs versions 6-8 but there will be no patch from Microsoft for Windows XP. Windows Vista and above will receive security patches but if you are still running XP, you’re effectively on your own.

The security vulnerability has been given the name CVE-2014-1776 and potentially allows an attacker to install malware, create new user accounts and steal, change or delete your data as they wish. This is the first security vulnerability to surface since the end of XP support and may well affect millions of users running XP with administrator privileges. There are ways to protect yourself from this bug which is probably only the first of many to come.

Use a Different Browser

You can choose to install and use a different browser to Internet Explorer. Mainstream choices are Google Chrome and Firefox. Google has said it will support the Windows XP version of Chrome until April 2015. Firefox have not stated a date for end of support.

Upgrade Your Operating System

Many computers running Windows XP will be the same specification as the day they were purchased which usually means low memory and small hard drives (most likely IDE). There is a good chance that adding extra ram memory and maybe a larger hard drive will allow you to upgrade to Windows 7 for a reasonable cost. Ram is not expensive to purchase and is easy to fit into your PC. Upgrading this way will be cheaper than buying a new PC (Which will without doubt have Windows 8 installed) and breathe new life into your old tower for a few more years.

Buy a New Computer

This would be my last option to be honest but maybe it’s just time to accept change and dive in head first. There is a multitude of choice when buying a new computer and most will now come with Microsoft Windows 8 pre-installed (Along with lots of surplus bloatware that you don’t need). This article provided by Ray Cunningham from PC Guardians, providers of computer repair Macclesfield


Since writing this post Microsoft have issued a patch for this Internet Explorer vulnerability and in a massive u turn, they have also issued the patch for Windows XP as well.

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