Hard Drive Data Destruction

Your Personal Information is Valuable

avoid identity theft by using hard drive data destructionWhat did you do with your old PC when you upgraded it? Did you take it to the local tip believing that it would be recycled or disposed of in the appropriate manner. That could be a big mistake. A BBC TV report gave examples of what can happen to your old computer equipment after you dump it.

Most of us have taken a PC to the tip and been told to leave it with the other computer equipment stacked to one side. How many of you realised that much of your old equipment is resold, ending up on the second hand computer equipment market. Discarded computers from the UK end up being shipped to countries such as Nigeria. Unscrupulous thieves and scam artists can easily extract personal information from your old hard drives, even if you have formatted them.

PC Guardians offer complete secure destruction of the data on your old hard drive, leaving you reassured that your information does not fall into the hands of cyber criminals. If you are holding on to that old computer due to worries about your data, we can dispose of it for you after erasing all data from the hard drive. Special security software is used to erase and overwrite all sectors of the hard drive, rendering any content unrecoverable, even with specialist software.

Once this process is complete, the drive can recycled or thrown away safely. Depending on the age and size of your old hard drive, it may be possible to fit the drive into a external enclosure or caddy after erasing. This would enable you to use the drive as a external backup drive or storage device. This can be carried out at relatively low cost.

Business Computers & IT Disposal

If you are upgrading your computer systems please contact us if you wish to destroy your important business data before disposing of the equipment. Bulk lots can be catered for at very reasonable and competitive rates. Collection and removal of the old equipment can also be arranged for you. Make sure your private and important information is removed correctly and effectively with our hard drive data destruction service. Hard drives can be erased or destroyed.