WordPress Installation & Set Up Service

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What Is WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems around and is ideal for a blog or a business website. Maybe you have tried to set up a website but found it all a bit much and given up? If you are not technically minded, the whole process can be a little confusing and frustrating. Fear not, I can help you. From installation only to building a full site for you, I can help.

A web hosting package and a domain name is the minimum requirement needed to get up and running with WordPress. If you already have these in place, I just need login details. If you don’t , I can provide both for you. In fact I can provide a complete web hosting package for you if necessary. A blog in a box if you like.

The short video below gives a quick explanation of WordPress


Do You Offer Installation and Setup?

You’re in luck!  PC Guardians can perform the whole process for you, from registering a domain name to web hosting and WordPress installation. If you want to take advantage of the WordPress installation please use the contact us page for your enquiry

WordPress Is Installed, Now What?

The choice is yours. Once WordPress is installed you can choose to take it from there and begin creating your site. All you need is your username and password (Supplied after installation is completed) and you are free to create your content, share your photographs, music, etc. In fact you can achieve pretty much anything with WordPress, even build an ecommerce site if you desire.